Our Story

We exist because we believe in the superpower of Emotional Intelligence in living a life of awareness, intention, and purpose.

But how did this mission start?

A crisis of meaning:

A ‘topper’ right from his school days, Sagar Satyal was always told by friends and family that he would amount to something significant in life. But a graduate with very little self-knowledge, Sagar got into heavy debt, and felt lonelier and like a failure. Furthermore, loss of a loved one left him questioning about his own existence. Realizing that degrees and grades in themselves have no inherent meaning if individuals can’t learn to think of a life that’s true to them, he turned to emotional intelligence in a bid to resurrect his life. In March 2016, he initiated a small platform for individuals to explore and express themselves.

A meeting of like-minded individuals:

Having started working since she was 17, Bhawana Shrestha initially wanted to become a journalist to initiate social change. Her journey brought her from Itahari to Kathmandu. Some experiences led her to change her trajectory and she joined Teach for Nepal to give momentum to her mission. Having served as a fellow for a total of three years (one more year than usual), Bhawana realized how emotions had shaped her journey both on and off classrooms. As she was searching for a new meaningful chapter in her life, she met Sagar. The two started joining hands to improve Sagar’s initiation to help individuals explore and express themselves. Their synergy improved the quality of the program and the subsequent impact on the lives of the mentees who enrolled in it.

Then joined a believer:

Through their endeavors, they came into contact with Aprajita Jha, a person who had to redirect herself from her initial ambition of becoming a doctor. Having toiled hard for three years but failing to make it to a scholarship seat by 2.5 marks, Aprajita was looking for alternative avenues to find meaning in her life. Having explored the sessions herself, she liked what she saw so much that she joined the team hoping to add value to others the same way the sessions helped improve her own life.

Buoyed by the positive responses and encouragement from a team that shared a value of growth and contribution, MyEmotionsMatter was born as an idea on March 10, 2018.