We believe in a self-aware and empathetic world.

We help individuals and organizations identify, understand, and resolve interpersonal relationship problems through self-reflective learning experiences.

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We introduce Emotional Literacy through an illustrative guide that will help you improve your Emotional Intelligence.

Align your Organizational Climate with your Strategic Orientation

Understanding feelings, talking about feelings, and managing feelings- 
are among the greatest challenges of being human.

If not managed well, emotions either leak or burst and they contaminate communication. 
Eventually this determines how well individuals within teams can work together for the larger benefit of the whole team/organization.

We work with people with perceptions, thoughts, and feelings.
Our ability (or inability) to manage ourselves and our relationships is one of the key determinants of the quality of our interpersonal relationships and ultimately the quality of our contribution to our organization.

When we say ‘results matter’ in organizations, what we are really saying is:
individuals need to be open, cooperative, and helpful.

Reduce Miscommunication

Learn how to clearly express what we are feeling and needing rather than using language that disconnects us from the other person

Increase Trust

Learn how to connect with others at a level that fosters shared understanding and trust

Reduce Conflicts

Learn how to transform potential conflicts into peaceful dialogues

Increase Accountability

Learn how to relate to others in a way that promotes clear agreement and transparency


Orient the whole organization
toward a mindset where the right
thing to do becomes the easy thing to do


Cultivate growth-mindset in your team by helping them learn emotional skills required to manage self and work with others


Identify and undestand underlying
feelings in your team to better align individual interests with organizational goals

What Makes Us Values-Driven


We strive to separate the vital few from the trivial many.

This is true not just in consulting our clients but also in the way we operate in the day to day.


We don’t want to preach what we don’t practice for ourselves.

We believe in
Emotional Intelligence as an inside-out model.


We realize everyone of us wants to live a meaningful life.

En-Couragement through reflection is what we all need in the face of adversity in life.

Making the world a better place through Emotional Intelligence!


Lives Directly Impacted

Energy Left


Don’t take our word for it: here’s what our participants have to say:

“If different professionals, organizations, individuals take this session, we can develop a healthy environment in our society thus helping the relationships flourish. I highly recommend this session to everyone so that people can reflect on themselves and their relationships, both personal and professional. It is great to find that such a resource is available in our city Kathmandu itself!” 

Dilasha Shrestha

User Experience Researcher, Reduct Nepal

“As we start gaining more experience, we tend to shift blame for organizational problems on people we manage. The concepts offered in this session made me reflect on how top management could be blinded to the problems we blame others for. This session has made us change the way we look at and will now manage our people.
We are already thinking of bringing the My Emotions Matter team back to enhance our organizational culture.”

Rajiv Sharma

Managing Director, Jobs Dynamics

“The overall session was very enlightening for all of us because it was different from our normal way of dealing with people. The way we approach the one to one conversation and confrontations have changed a lot, and I believe that is for the better.”

Arvindra Ranjit

CEO, Business Advantage

We’ve Added Value To

Our Team

Dr. Amrit Thapa

Lecturer in the International Educational Development Program at Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania

Bhawana Shrestha

PhD Candidate at Kathmandu University School of Education

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Aprajita Jha


Mahima Poddar

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