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Develop the Mindset and Skills of Emotional Intelligence to Communicate Effectively and Reduce Interpersonal Conflicts

We offer self-reflective workshops, courses, coaching and consulting for individuals and teams to build self-awareness, empathy and empathic communication skills so that collaboration is easier. 

Explore the benefits of Emotional Intelligence

We have a diverse set of offerings tailored to the nature of our clients. Explore our programs according to your needs.

Programs for Organizations

Programs for Organizations

Emotions drive people and people drive performance. Without a self-reflective culture, there is likely to be an increasing number of miscommunication, misunderstandings and conflicts.These costs show up in the form of increased turnover, low retention and lost opportunities. By investing in our programs, you are equipping yourself with frameworks and tools for a highly empathetic and accountable company culture.

Main Course (10 Hours)

Build a self-aware and empathetic team culture by empowering your team with practical frameworks, language and reflective space to drastically reduce misunderstandings, miscommunication and conflicts.

Appetizer (2 Hour Introductory Workshop)

This 2-hour self-reflective workshop helps your team become more aware of how your reactions are either helping or hurting collaboration. Through an introduction to a research-based framework, participants learn the linkage between how they feel and important needs in social interactions that affect collaboration. You'll leave with an understand of a useful framework you can immediately start using in your teams to improve self-awareness and empathy in interactions.

Taster Conversation

This free 75 minute taster conversation gives your team a flavor of what Emotional Intelligence is, what gets in the way of it, and what's one small practice to start working toward developing it. Although not a workshop like our other offerings, it can still be a useful way for you to invite important conversations in your team regarding the impact team members have on one another if they aren't self-aware and interacting with empathy.

Programs for Organizations

Programs for Schools/Colleges

21st century education is about the 4Cs: Critical thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, and Communication. What if these 4Cs were incorporated in the way we learnt to self-reflect and relate better with others? Our Social-Emotional Learning programs for schools ensure that all school stakeholders- students, teachers, parents, and administrators learn and speak the language of Emotional Intelligence:
Critical thinking: The ability to identify feelings and needs that drive behaviors
Collaboration: The ability to think about ‘us’ rather than ‘me’ or ‘you’
Creativity: The ability to look for solutions in our interpersonal relationships that work for everyone
Communication: The ability to speak with honesty and listen with empathy

Emotional Literacy

The starting point of Emotional Intelligence is to be able to identify and understand emotions in oneself and others, and to express those emotions positively.

Social-Emotional Learning Course

We offer a one year program (1 session/week) for grade 8/9 students that will help them learn how to become self-reflective and empathetic.

Emotional Intelligence 101

Engage your students in a self-reflective course that helps them learn helpful ways to become aware of their emotions, intentional about their choices and purposeful with their actions.

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Programs for Individuals

As an individual, you might be interested to invest your time and energy in self-development. But where do you go? If placing yourself in a learning environment that values self-reflection and being around like-minded individuals sounds meaningful to you, explore our range of programs that can help you become a better version of yourself.

Emotional Intelligence Mindset

Our flagship program takes you on a journey of understanding what your blindspots could be and how they could be affecting your effectiveness and well-being. Through real-life case studies and introduction of practical frameworks, this course helps you improve self-awareness, connect with others and leave with practical tools to help others understand you better. 

EQ Cafe

EQ Cafe is a space for individuals to chat, connect and contemplate so that skills of critical self-reflection can be strengthened. Initiated and facilitated by My Emotions Matter, EQ Cafe is run once every two months focusing on different themes like self-understanding, relationships and career.

One-on-One Coaching

Learn the mindset and skills of Emotional Intelligence for your personal and professional life through our one-on-one guidance. 

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Emotional Intelligence
benefits you

Most of our lives is spent trying to understand others and wishing others understood us better than they do. When understanding turns to misunderstanding, productivity and well-being take a hit. This is where Emotional Intelligence becomes invaluable as it helps us with:

Developing empathic understanding of others without compromising on our personal values

Expressing ourselves honestly yet without blaming or criticizing

At the heart of our work is empowering individuals and teams with the transformative power of Emotional Intelligence so that common everyday problems like misunderstandings, miscommunication and conflicts are resolved peacefully. The result: increase in productivity and well-being.

Our Programs can lead you to be more Emotionally Intelligent

Common everyday problems like misunderstandings, miscommunication and conflicts often boil down to the inability to be on the same page with others. Most of our day to day problems can be minimized if we learnt to understand feelings, express feelings and manage feelings. When individuals learn these skills, teams grow in self-awareness. Self-aware teams means more empathy. The result: better coordination. Our programs specifically help you in three ways:

Practical Frameworks

to reduce blindspots and understand interpersonal dynamics


to express ourselves better and improve understanding plus communication

Reflective Spaces

to facilitate important conversations that build psychological safety

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See what our clients/participants have to say about us and our sessions.

Rajiv Sharma puts good words for My Emotions Matter

As we start gaining more experience, we tend to shift blame for organizational problems on people we manage. The concepts offered in this session made me reflect on how top management could be blinded to the problems we blame others for. This session has made us change the way we look at and will now manage our people. We are already thinking of bringing the My Emotions Matter team back to enhance our organizational culture.

- Rajiv Sharma

Managing Director, Jobs Dynamics

Dilasha Shrestha puts good words for My Emotions Matter

My Emotions Matter is hands down the best investment for your company’s organizational needs. Taking part in their second training this year and I am in awe of how rich the content is. They teach you how to identify innate needs that drive all human behavior and how this understanding can help resolve conflict in any sort of platform. Hire them!

- Dilasha Shrestha

User Experience Researcher, Reduct Nepal

Arvindra Ranjit puts good words for My Emotions Matter

The overall session was very enlightening for all of us because it was different from our normal way of dealing with people. The way we approach the one to one conversation and confrontations have changed a lot, and I believe that is for the better.

- Arvindra Ranjit

CEO, Business Advantage

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